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A Salvation - Short Film
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A short thriller, set within the aftermath of a deadly disaster. 


Three months after a virus outbreak wipes out humanity, survivors Jess (Kate Madison) and Gregory (James Kirk) believe to be the last humans alive. When the pair discover Ethan (Lyndon Bugg) injured in the forest, Jess and Gregory struggle to decide if they should trust him or leave him, but Jess has other plans.

Directed by Matthew Hill

Written by Matthew Hill

Produced by Collis Enterprises 

Starring; Kate Madison, James Kirk and Lyndon Bugg.

Director of Photography - Lawrence Pesquera 

Sound Recordist - Sam Benstead

Hair/Make-Up Design - Gabriela Williams

Original Music - Henri Salonen

Editing - Matthew Hill

Special Thanks - Lesley Morgan, Sawston Cinema, Genevieve Dunne

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