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Faith - Short Film
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FAITH (2018) - SHORT



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A short action drama set in a dystopian future with no spoken dialogue.


The story follows a young woman named Faith (Rosie Frecker) who, whilst travelling through the woods, encounters the aftermath of a deadly massacre. When she discovers that she is being hunted in the woods, Faith is forced into a cat and mouse game. Will she survive?

Directed by Matthew Hill

Written by Matthew Hill

Produced by Collis Enterprises 

Starring; Rosie Frecker, James Kirk and Paulina Lejon.

Director of Photography - Austin Hill

Sound Recordist - David Erwood

Assistant Director - Kate Citron Bunce

Hair/Make-Up Design - Raffy Tsakanika

Original Music - Giuseppe Alfano

Editing - Matthew Hill

Concept Art - Clara Dies Valls

Props Facilitator - Lee Shave, Jay Calver

Location Security - Richard Ife

Special Thanks - Sarah Browne, Colin Ramsay, Lazy Company

"Faith is a very well delivered and entertaining short film that comes from a talented crew, who deserve to have a bright future in filmmaking." ★★★★ - UK Film Review

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